Top 15 Best Headphone Brands 2022

Top 15 Best Headphone Brands 2021

It is no surprise to tell you that there are hundreds of headphone brands available on the market. However, it is not easy to choose the best one. The main reason is that each brand has its own unique characteristics, pros, and cons. Thus, this makes it quite challenging for the ordinary user to buy the best product. 

Another interesting thing about headphone brands these days is that each brand has dozens of headphone products, which further complicate the matter of choosing the best one. With so many brands and thousands of products, one finds himself in the never-ending labyrinth. 

Therefore, in today’s article, we have prepared the ultimate list of top 15 best headphone brands. We recommend you to read this post thoroughly so that you grasp all the essential information and get the most out of it. Read on!

Here are the Best Headphone Brands 2021

15. Ultrasone

Ultrasone is another headphone manufacturer that takes into consideration high-quality and natural sound aspects in their manufacturing process. The company is not as old as others mentioned in this article. The company was founded in 1990. They are in the headphone game for over two decades, which means they are doing pretty well. 

Although not known by many users – we must say that some of their products are way better than famous brands like JBL, JABRA, Sony, etc. Ultrasone features a wide range of headphones including pro, hi-fi, DJ, Editions, as well as in-ear and on-ear headphones, etc. Talking about the price, these are not cheap headphones. Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic is so far their best product. 

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14. Phillips

Phillips is another renowned electronics company. It is a multinational company. Its headquarters is located in Amsterdam, Holland. The Company specializes in the production of high-quality electronic products. 

This brand has a wide range of headphones from cheap earbuds for working out, exercise and running – to high-end high-definition over-ear headphone products for mastering and mixing music in professional studios. 

We are a great fan of Phillips Company, especially for its high-end audio equipment. When it comes to the best products of the company, we have tested a couple of products including SHP9500S hi-fi precision headphones. 

Both are stereo headphones with active noise cancellation technology features – making this brand one of the best and this is the reason we have chosen it to be on our list of top headphone brands. 

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13. Westone

Westone is a company located in Colorado, United States. The headquarters – currently – is located in Colorado Springs. Jason Lockwood is the CEO and President of the company. The company was founded in 1959. It was the first-ever company in the history of headphones to have manufactured in-ear headphones for musicians. 

Therefore, this brand claims a good position is the top headphone brands. The reason is crystal clear – they are experts in the manufacturing of in-ear headphones. You will never find a product that is better than Westone headphones. In addition, Westone is a brand that makes substantial efforts to introduce and incorporate cutting-edge technology into its headphone products. 

All their headphones’ products – according to research are of high-quality as well as the emphasis is on natural sound, bass-boost, enhanced treble, and active noise-cancellation. As far as the price is concerned, the brand offers both low-end and high-end products. The big daddy W-Series earphone such as W80 is the most loved product so far. 

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12. HyperX

HyperX is not as old as other brands mentioned in this article. The company was founded in 2002 and has a wide range of computer and electronic products. What makes this brand reliable is the professionalism, uniqueness, and style of the products. 

Not only does this company manufactures headphones but it also specializes in solid-state drives, mousepads, and USB Flash drives. 

HyperX headphones are specifically designed for gaming. They are likewise good for watching movies. This brand has products, which come with detachable microphones. The purpose is to use them casually with your cellphone devices while you are on-the-go. 

Moreover, the quality of the microphone is good, which makes HyperX headphone products excellent. We have tested HyperX CloudX headphones. They have a good natural sound quality and active noise cancellation feature as well as they are licensed officially by Xbox. 

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11. Jabra

Jabra is an international brand, which specializes in the production of audio equipment. This company is owned by GN Audio. Jabra is one of the best brands in the world – particularly when it comes to the manufacturing of true wireless and Bluetooth headphones. 

As for headphone enthusiasts, we have also tested some of the products of this brand. In our honest opinion, the Elite 85 H is the best product of this company. These are over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones, which produce great sound. The design and high-quality natural sound production make this product stands out in the competition. 

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10. Bang & Olufsen

When it comes to buying high-end headphones with exceptional quality, there is nothing better than Bang & Olufsen brand. We have tested this headphone ourselves and this is why it won’t be wrong if we declare them all-inclusive headphones. What we mean to say is that they are great for watching movies, listening to movies, and playing video games. 

The company likewise is well-known for sound systems including wireless speaker systems and Bluetooth speaker systems. So much so, there are many models of headphones manufactured by this company, which come at affordable prices. If you are an audiophile and want to enjoy the sensational sound, you must go for this brand. 

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9. Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic was founded in 1924. It was one of the oldest German Companies that manufacture high-quality headphones. The mission of the company is to produce headphones that give the users great experiences while listening to music and playing video games. 

Also, it is important to note that most of the headphones manufactured by Beyerdynamic have active-noise cancellation technology, which gives the user a pleasant experience. 

Although a small company, this brand has produced a wide range of audio products. The products are tested by third-party companies before they are released in the market. It is the professionalism and high-quality sound production factors that we have included Beyerdynamic in our list of top headphone brands. 

DT 770 PRO is the most popular product of this company. These are high-quality over-ear headphones, which incorporate cutting-edge noise cancellation technology – thus giving the user an exceptional experience. The affordable pricing of the products is another factor this brand is on our list. 

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8. Beats by DRE

Seventh on our list of top headphone brands is “Beats by DRE.” Well, it is one of the most popular headphone brands in the world. The Company was recently acquired by Apple, which is an unbeatable company when it comes to the quality of products and fame. This brand offers both wired and wireless headphone products. 

The Company ensures to take care of the natural sound with amazing bass-boost technology. Therefore, it won’t be wrong if we say this brand specializes in the bass-heavy can, which provides amazing boom. When it comes to the quality of sound, you will never find such excellence in any other brand – the reason is none other than technology Apple has incorporated in all of their products. 

So much so, when we talk about the price of “Beats by DRE” products, they are affordable. Not only are they stylish but the incredible quality and unique design will give you the best audio experience ever. Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones are what we recommend for high-quality sound and bass-boost – although there are some other amazing products too. 

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7. Audio-Technica

Another Japanese brand, which is well-known for producing high-quality headphones. The company was found 5 decades ago in 1962. The headquarters of the company is located in Tokyo. 

This brand offers a wide variety of headphones that come in different sizes, shapes, and technology. The company is best known for its in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones. This brand not only manufactures headphones but also microphones and turntables. 

Expert audiophiles say that Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is the best model ever produced by Audio-Technica. This model is specifically designed to reduce noise and improve the quality of sound. 

The best thing about these headphones is that they are extremely affordable. We believe they are worth your money when it comes to enhanced sound quality and active noise-cancellation. 

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6. Skullcandy

Skullcandy is not an old company. It was founded in 2013. The headquarters of this company is located in Utah, United States. As a young Headphone Company in the U.S, Skullcandy has established a great name and popularity in the market – producing both expensive and low-price headphones for audiophiles and video gamers. 

So, this brand is well-known for making affordable headphones. The best thing that people like about this brand is that they take into consideration keenly the bass and volume. Younger generations that of today love Skullcandy. The wireless and Bluetooth-modeled headphones are likewise the favorites of young audiophiles. 

There is a wide range of Skullcandy’s audio products for people of all ages and tastes. However, based on our research and experience, we say the best product of this company, which has made record-sales is Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones

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5. AKG 

AKG is another best headphone brand. This is a European brand founded in 1947. The headquarters of this company is located in Vienna Austria. Currently, Samsung is operating the Harman International Industries and this brand is part of this group. 

There is a lot of reasons people go for this brand and choose the best products for the company. However, one of the best reasons is their open over-ear headphones, which are so popular among audiophiles. The brand believes in manufacturing headphones that have unique characteristics such as producing natural sound and providing high comfort to the users. 

So, this brand is considered best for audiophiles who like high-quality natural sound. At the same time, you will be surprised to know many studios’ works in the film and TV industry use AKG brand products. 

When it comes to the success of this brand, it stands out in the Bluetooth technology as well as the active noise cancellation technology. You will find both high-end and cheaper headphone products. The beauty of this brand is that even if you choose low-end headphones, you will receive the same high-quality audio or sound. For example, for professional studio work, we recommend AKG K240 Studio Headphones.

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4. Bose

Another best brand – Bose is an American audio company that produces headphones in a wide variety. This company was founded in 1964. The headquarters of this company is located in Framingham. The best thing that most audiophiles like about the products of this company is that they are designed specifically to remove background noise. 

Thus, the unique and cutting-edge technology introduced and incorporated for noise cancellation makes this one of the best brands in the world. After doing extensive research and testing the products of this brand, we found that JBL TUNE600BTNC is the best headphone product for active noise cancellation. 

Since most models of this company are Bluetooth and ANC, the prices are a bit higher. Therefore, we believe that most audiophiles would go for these headphones despite the high prices because of the quality. 

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3. Sony

Sony is a Japanese company. It was founded in 1946 and the headquarters are located in the capital city of Japan “Tokyo.” Sony has designed and manufactured a wide range of headphone products. The main reason people go for this brand is that their products are best suited for video game consoles, movies, etc. 

Over the years, Sony is considered the best brand of headphones. It is because of the wide variety of products that comes with affordable prices that makes everyone buy them. Not only does this company produces headphones but other electronic products such as gaming consoles, mobile phones, DVD players, etc. – making it a global electronics company. 

You can find both expensive and affordable premium headphones. Usually, the Company offers well-designed and manufactured audio products with great user sound quality and user experience. Sony’s WH-1000XM3 is the best active noise-canceling headphone, which is likewise suitable for watching movies and playing video games. 

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2. JBL

Second, on our list of top headphone brands is JBL. It was an American Company founded in the same era in which Sennheiser was founded. Today, this is not an American brand because it was bought by the Harman International Industries, which is operated by the world-renowned electronics company “Samsung.” So, we can say this is a Korean brand. 

Experts say that this company is not the most sophisticated manufacturers of headphones. However, it is important to know this brand offers some of the best audio products in the world. In addition, JBL is dominating the wireless headphones market today. Thus, it is one of the biggest and influential players in the market. 

A lot of people go for JBL headphones because not only are they reliable but also come in a wide range of prices. So, this brand is for everyone. You will find both cheap and high-end products. For instance, JBL E55BT Wireless Headphones are one of the best products that you can buy to have the best audio experience. 

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1. Sennheiser

Sennheiser is one of the best headphone brands available on the market. Sennheiser is a German Company, which was found during World War II in 1945. This brand offers a wide variety of audio headphone products. Not only do you find a large number of audio products but they are also the best in terms of quality and price. 

You can find cheap but quality headphones, which offer good value for your money. You can also find some high-end headphones like Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Headphones

In addition, the Company offers a wide range of headphones for all price points and tastes. When we compared this brand with others, you will find out that their products are way expensive. However, when it comes to the quality of this headphone brand, it is absolutely exceptional. This is why this brand is on top of our list. 

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Without a doubt, headphones are key components of most of the electronic gadgets that involve listening to sound or music – for example, TV, computer, laptop, mobile phones, gaming consoles, etc. 

There are hundreds of headphones brands out there. However, not all of them offer you the best quality and value for your hard-earned money. This is why the purpose of writing this article was to tell you about the best brands as well as their unique products respectively. 

Since there are thousands of headphone products available on the market, some of them are mentioned in this article, we think it is up to the preferences of the user to choose the one that best fit their needs. Good Luck! 


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