1MORE 1M301 Headphones Review 2022

1MORE 1M301 Headphones

You want to talk about budget-friendly? Let’s talk about the best earbuds under $20. If you’re like us at times and get in the mood to grab a pair of earbuds that just simply do what we want — literally play audio — as opposed to incorporated a bunch of features that we aren’t really concerned with that start to jack up the price of headphones, you’re in luck. Today we wanted to focus on just that — earbuds that we can grab for $20 or less. But which pair is best? Well, unlike some other websites out there, we like to still give you a few options to let you decide as opposed to just telling you which exact pair to buy. The “best” for one person may be completely different for somebody else.

Should You Buy 1MORE 1M301 Headphones?

If you want to stay stylish, listen to your music through improved speakers and not spend too much money, these beauties are for you.

The Good

The first advantage that is rare to find at this price is the dual drivers. The design comes with tangle-free cable, in-line mic and remote control (compatible with Apple and Android), and an ergonomic shape which provides a tight fit, better noise isolation, and fullness of sound.

The Bad

Durability is okay, the earpieces tend to split in half if you pull them too hard so you should be careful. Also, the microphone can start giving feedback (echoing your own voice) in the right conditions.

The Sound

As said above, the dual drives deliver balanced sound. One speaker handles mids and highs; the other one controls the bass. Music sounds more vibrant and warmer, although you can’t really compare them to high-end dual driver earbuds.

The Verdict

1MORE 1M301 Headphones are excellent dual-driver earbuds under $20. Sure they’re not perfect but for double the number of drivers you’re paying a low price and getting a lot of value.

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