Top 10 Laptop Brands in India 2022

Top Laptop Brands in India

Here is a list of laptop brands in India; these are the best laptop companies engaged in manufacturing of laptops for students, professionals and developers. Most of the companies mentioned below are top global laptop product brands and having the presence all across the world. Ranking process of these top 10 laptop companies in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

Laptop Brands in India:

1 | Apple

Location – Cupertino, USA | Establishment – 1976 |
Major Laptop Models – MacBook, MacBook Pro & MacBook Air | Website – |
The first company in the list would surely not turn up as a surprise, as Apple is one such company that you do expect among the top 10 laptop companies in India. Apple is one such company which does not need description. However, to state few simple points, Apple is presently the most trusted and reputed company in the world when it comes to the electronics gadgets are concerned.

2 | Sony

Location – Tokyo, Japan | Establishment – 1946 |
Major Laptop Models – Sony Vaio | Website – |
Sony is one such company which seems to be pretty determined to satisfy their customers at the best possible way. Then let it be the design of the laptops or the beautiful specifications that they come up with, Sony has literally everything to help themselves become one of the renowned companies in laptop industry as well.

3 | HP – Hewlett Packard

Location – Palo Alto, USA | Establishment – 1939 |
Major Laptop Models – HP & HP Pavilion | Website – |
HP is one such company which is constantly at a look out to get hold of the best way to innovate their products well so that they can come up with the best product at any given time and they have always been quite successful in being among the first ones to implement a change!

4 | Dell

Location – Austin, USA | Establishment – 1984 |
Major Laptop Models – Dell Inspiron & Studio | Website – |
Dell is the company to look out for. The company has made it a point to not just produce the best laptops possible but also to get along with the best social responses from all the customers. The company has something to offer to anyone and everyone then let it be if you are waiting at your home or if you are at office or school or college.

5 | Samsung

Location – Daegu, South Korea | Establishment – 1938 |
Major Laptop Models – Ultrabook, Series 9, NP, SF & series 3 | Website – |
Samsung-Sanyo Electronics, the company that was launched in 1969, later came to be known as the great Samsung Electronics in the later years. The company has made a name for basically everything that is related to electronics and is a trusted name in this field. This is visible from the fact that the company is among the top 10 laptop companies in India.

6 | Toshiba

Location – Tokyo, Japan | Establishment – 1939 |
Major Laptop Models – Toshiba Qosmio, Satellite, Portege | Website –
With the headquarters of this multinational company set up in New York, is surely one of those companies that are reputed worldwide as among the best companies in the trade of laptops and India is no exception. The company has made a great repute in this country as well. The Electronics player has done exceptionally well in country’s market and becomes one of the favourite laptop manufacturing companies in India.

7 | Lenovo

Location – Beijing, China | Establishment – 1984 |
Major Laptop Models – Lenovo G & Y series | Website – |
Although the company has off lately come up with mobiles in the recent market, but the company is just the one that has one of the best range and the best variety of laptops to suffice all that you would ever need. Lenovo is quiet well a service provider to all those that are the great laptop users.

8 | Acer

Location – Hsinchu, Taiwan| Establishment – 1976 |
Major Laptop Models – Acer Aspire series | Website – |
The company is one such company which has an award for each product which they can well show to the world to showcase the quality of their product. The company is gaining huge popularity in all the products from the global market and is in huge demand. The laptops of the company is way too good for anyone to point out a single flaw in the device.

9 | Asus

Location – Beitou, Taiwan | Establishment – 1989 |
Major Laptop Models – Asus zenbook, Eee, K53, K52 | Website – |
The winged horse in greek mythology, that is what the name means and the company is quiet too suited for the name. They seem to be just growing each single day. And from the mobiles to the laptops to the computers and the related parts whatever that the company produces is world class.

10 | Fujitsu

Location – Minato, Japan | Establishment – 1935 |
Major Laptop Models – Fujitsu Lifebook | Website – |
Ranked among the top 10 laptop companies that are present in the nation in the recent days. The company, Fujitsu is one of the other lethal killers in the field of laptops. Thus, they are just the ones that help you to get ample amount of customer satisfaction and value for money. For all the years that the company has been in effect, they have always provided the same.

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