Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Brands in the world

Top 10 smartphone brands in the world

This List of Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World is Prepared after proper research and study. So you can trust the reliability of this Article.

There was a time when mobile phone or cell phone was considered to be a luxury. Telecom companies use to charge for both incoming and outgoing call. Today the world has changed. We have progressed from First Generation of Mobile Phone Technology to the 5Th Generation. Now, in most countries in the world, telecom companies charge for only outgoing calls. Incoming calls are free.

Similarly, there was a time when there were few reputed and trusted Mobile Phone Brands and Companies in the World. Brands like Motorola and Nokia ruled the mobile phone market. Due to technological progress and huge increase in demand, more and more companies have joined the mobile phone manufacturing business.

Earlier mobile phone handsets were simple and were meant only to make and receive phone calls and text messages. With advancement in technology and cheaper call and data rates, simple feature phones are replaced by smartphone. These smartphones can do some really smart jobs.

It all started with the Apple iPhone that almost revolutionized the mobile phone market. Other companies followed the trend. Companies like Samsung gave good competition to iPhone. New Mobile Phone Operating Systems like the iOS and Google Android have overtaken all other Operating Systems. Now users can download any number of useful apps (applications) directly from the internet and use. Now the mobile phone is not just a mobile phone, it has become smartphone.

Let’s have a closer look at the world’s top 10 Best Mobile Phone Brands.

Here is well researched List of Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in the World and Smartphone Manufacturing Companies. This list is based on Mobile Phone / Smartphone Global Market Share and Production / Manufacturing Capabilities.

1. Samsung

Mobile Phone Brands

Samsung is a big name in phone companies and has emerged as one of the top mobile brands in the world. It is a South Korean company founded on 1st March 1938. It is one of the most trusted brands in the world because of the top-notch facilities provided by the company and its long-lasting smartphones. The smartphones sold by this company are very much user-friendly, the best innovative software, proper customer care facility, cost-effective, etc.

Sales per year 321.3 million units and revenue per year 211.2 billion USD makes it rank number one in the top mobile brands in the world list.

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2. Apple 

Apple iPhone

It is one of the most premium mobile brands in the world. It is an American multinational technology company and is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. It was founded on April 1st, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne. The top smartphone hand of this company includes Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE.

Sales per year 217 plus million phones and revenue per year USD 53.8 billion makes it ranked number two in the list.

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3. Huawei 


Huawei has overtaken as the world’s second-largest smartphone brand. It’s a Chinese Multinational Company. It’s a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and smartphone devices. Currently, over 80% of the world’s Top 50 Telecom Companies work with Huawei.

Sales per year $107.13 billion, Revenue per year $8397.01 Million makes it rank number three in the list.

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4. Xiaomi 

Xiaomi MI

It is a Chinese multinational company founded in April 2010 by Lei Jun. With just a few years of its release, it has given a tough competition to its competitors. It’s the world’s 4th most valuable technology startup. Popular smartphones released by this company are Mi 10 Ultra, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9, Redmi 9, Redmi Note 8, Poco F2 Pro, and Redmi Note 8 pro.

Sales Per year 119 Million, Revenue Per year $25.4 billion makes it rank number four in the list.

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5. Oppo


Oppo, is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company. The Company is a leading manufacturer of smartphones, Blu-ray players and other electronic devices. A leading manufacturer of smartphones, Oppo was the top smartphone brand in China in 2016.

Sales Per Year 29 million units, Revenue Per Year $137.7 million makes it fifth in the list.

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6. Vivo


Vivo Electronics Corp. (Dongguan) Guangdong, China-based phone brand. It was established in 2009. The company is another Chinese smartphone brand that has recently entered India. It manufactures low-cost Android phones and mid-range phones. All these are also available in India. The Y51A is Vivo’s latest mobile launch. On 11 January 2021, the smartphone was launched. The phone has a 6.58-inch touchscreen with a 1080 pixel resolution of 2048 pixels.

Sales Per Year 46 million units, Revenue Per Year $95 million makes it sixth in the list.

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7. Motorola


It’s an American multinational telecommunications company in 1928 founded by Paul and Joseph Galvin. After facing a loss of $4.3 billion from 2007 to 2009. The company got divided into two independent public companies, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions in 2011. Popular mobiles launched by this company are Motorola Razr, Mate X, MOTO G8 Plus, MOTO Z4, Motorola One Action, MOTO Z3, MOTO G7 Power, MOTO G7 Plus and Motorola One Vision.

Sales Per Year 12 Million, Revenue Per Year 7.4 billion USD, makes it seventh in the list.

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8. Lenovo


Over the years, Lenovo has made a global presence in 160 countries and has grown to become one of the top global mobile companies. Some of the popular smartphones by Lenovo are P, K and A series, Zuk Series, and VIBE. Lenovo also launched the Moto Z models that live up to its tagline, “Different is better.”

Sales Per Year 35 million units, Revenue Per Year USD 14billion makes it 8th in the list.

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9. LG


LG has been a known brand name in refrigerators and air-conditioners. But LG’s smartphone range has woo-ed over the consumers with their brilliant Android features. LG’s premium smartphone models include the K-series, G-series, LG Tribute, Flex, and Nexus. These smartphones have highly-advanced camera features, high-speed autofocus, and noise reduction for better calling and photography.

 Revue Per Year 54.9 billion USD makes its ninth rank in the list.

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10. Nokia


Nokia is a multinational company founded by Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin, Eduard Finland on 12 May 1865. Before Nokia used to rule the mobile market but as the technology evolved and smartphones were introduced the company couldn’t perform better and by now they are selling smartphones and trying to get better day by day. Popular smartphones launched by Nokia are Nokia 2.3, Nokia 220, Nokia110, Nokia6.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia9 Pureview, Nokia 8.1, etc.

It is the 10th ranked smartphone brand in the list with its annual sales of more than 17.5 million smartphones.

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So, to sum up, these were our views on mobile phones currently available around us. Each company tries to come up with the best features of their mobile phones, some succeed in leaving a great impact on its users. The necessity of mobile phones has increased to a great extent in this current pandemic situation of COVID-19 since almost all students are forced to switch to an online mode of education, and for the same reason, the mobile phone companies are facing tough competition to prove their worth.

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