Top 10 Best Camera Brands 2022: Which Brand To Buy?


There used to be a time when photography was a pastime of the wealthy. That’s because photography would need film rolls and expensive cameras which couldn’t be afforded by everyone. The advent of digital technology changed all of that by providing cheaper photography options to everyone.

Moreover, digital cameras allow people to take unlimited photo shots, unlike film cameras where a roll would only allow 36 pictures.

The rise of digital technology in cameras has also spawned a revolution in amateur photography. With popular camera brand names becoming cheaper, a lot of young people have been taking up photography as a hobby.

Some have even managed to turn it into a successful profession. The growth of platforms like Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram has provided even amateur photographers with a widespread global audience for showcasing their work.

Buying your first camera, however, can be a challenge. The one question that boggles everyone is: whats the best camera brand in the market?

But don’t worry. We did extensive research just to help you answer this question.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best camera brands to choose from:

1. Canon

Best Camera Brands

Chances are that if you’ve ever considered buying a new camera, the name Canon has come up. Canon has been making film and then digital cameras since 1937 – much later in the game than a lot of the other top brands founded in Japan.

They make both DSLR cameras and a vast range of compact and mirrorless cameras. These include both full-frame and cropped sensor cameras. Plus, the range of Canon and third-party lenses available for their camera bodies is extensive. As a result, being able to get started and take amazing images is easy with Canon.

Fortunately, there are Canon cameras and lenses tailored to every need and every budget. If you’re looking for a reliable and popular brand in a digital camera, look no further than Canon.

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2. Nikon

Best Camera Brands

For many years, Nikon has been Canon’s main competitor, with the two imaging companies battling it out in the consumer and professional camera field. While Canon has consistently claimed the top spot, the Nikon Corporation is actually older–it was founded in 1917 by three big manufacturers of optics, and quickly rose to become a leading optics business.

Nikon’s current product lineup includes some of the best DSLRs available, such as the Nikon D850 and the Nikon D5 (soon to be followed by the D6), as well as three powerful mirrorless options (the Z6 and Z7 for full-frame users, and the Z50 as an APS-C snapper). Nikon also owns the Coolpix lineup of point-and-shoot cameras.

In some areas, Nikon is the most vaunted imagining company out there, frequently chosen by professionals due to its incredible image quality and dynamic range capabilities. But Nikon has recently fallen behind Sony in several key areas, including overall camera sales, and is scrambling to catch up in the mirrorless market. Plus, Nikon struggles to compete with Canon and Sony’s phase-detection focusing technology – which holds back Nikon DSLRs when working in Live View.

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3. Sony

Best Camera Brands

Sony was among the pioneers of digital cameras when they first started making an appearance in the market. The Sony Cybershot was among the first excellent point-and-shoot cameras and went to sell like hot cakes around the world.

It is quite possible that the first digital camera that many of us owned would have been a Cybershot. Subsequently, Sony acquired the digital imaging company Konica Minolta and started manufacturing its own range of DSLR cameras. Amongst these, the Alpha, A-65, and A-77 are some of the most preferred DSLR cameras uses by enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Sony is currently the 3rd largest maker of cameras in the world which means that getting a camera fixed or purchasing accessories is an absolute piece of cake.

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4. Fujifilm

Best Camera Brands

People may think that Fujifilm is a company that creates film for old-school cameras. And while that’s true, they’re also the creators of some truly innovative and high-performing digital mirrorless cameras.

Fujifilm was the first company to develop a consumer digital camera in 1988. Today, Fujifilm create a range of premium compacts and highly acclaimed mirrorless digital cameras. Unlike Sony, Fujifilm decided against making full-frame cameras – instead, they have invested heavily in APS-C sensors that are smaller but arguably just as good.

Fujifilm digital cameras range from entry-level up to pro-level – but they can all use the same extensive Fujifilm lens range. This level of diversity is brilliant as you can gradually upgrade your lens range as you progress. Further to this, for high-end professionals, Fujifilm has a range of mirrorless medium-format cameras.

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5. Panasonic

Best Camera Brands

Panasonic began as an electrics company back in 1918 but went on to become the producer of Lumix digital cameras, including the lauded Panasonic Lumix S1R and Panasonic Lumix S1 full-frame mirrorless cameras. Panasonic teamed up with Leica to create full-frame mirrorless lenses, resulting in Lumix Leica lenses.

Despite its recent forays into full-frame mirrorless territory, Panasonic invests much of its business in Micro Four Thirds cameras, having developed the Micro Four Thirds System with Olympus. This is reflected in lens compatibility, as you can use Olympus lenses on Panasonic cameras.

Note that Panasonic also specializes in video recording, and is a leading brand among videographers.

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6. Olympus

Best Camera Brands

Olympus is a Japanese conglomerate with over 100 years of experience in making different kinds of equipment including electronic products, cameras, medical imaging products etc. That experience, as well as technological superiority, is well reflected in both point-and-shoot as well as digital cameras manufactured by this company.

In fact, the Four-Thirds System which is used in DSLRs across brands was patented by Olympus which goes on to speak volumes about their products.

Amongst point-and-shoots, the Olympus 8 series is an awesome range of cameras that come with the company’s trademark Zuiko lenses and are water resistant. Their DSLR cameras have the flagship Evolt series which is quite a great budget option for those wanting a professional camera.

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7. Leica

Best Camera Brands

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new digital camera, or are familiar with the industry, then you’ll have come across the name Leica. Leica is a company founded in Germany back in 1914 and they’ve produced world-class optics ever since.

Leica cameras are highly sought after but not so affordable for the mass-market. A good quality Leica mirrorless or DLSR camera with a couple of lenses can set you back tens of thousands of dollars.

But it must be said that Leica engineering standards and image output are exceptional. The Leica digital camera can be found with both old film-camera aesthetics and modern-day design considerations.

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8. GoPro

Best Camera Brands

GoPro is not a camera meant for those who like to sit down, compose a frame, wait for hours, and take the perfect shot. Rather, this is the perfect camera designed for those who enjoy thrills and love to live life on the edge.

The GoPro is a super compact camera and is especially targeted towards those that want to make a picture while skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping etc. This camera is waterproof and takes excellent underwater pictures.

Moreover, its nifty enough to be mounted onto a vehicle for making videos or even time-lapses. GoPro, therefore, is a perfect camera especially if you’re someone who travels a lot, goes off the beaten track, and loves adventures.

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9. Pentax

Best Camera Brands

These days, it’s tough to find a camera brand that isn’t investing heavily in mirrorless tech–unless you look at Pentax, that is. While Canon and Nikon struggle to catch up to Sony’s mirrorless lineups, Pentax stubbornly remains a producer of full-frame and medium-format DSLRs, including the Pentax K-1 and the Pentax 645 series.

Pentax was created in November 1919, though the company has experienced some turbulent changes in recent years. In 2006, Pentax merged with Hoya. Then in 2011, the Pentax imaging business was purchased by Ricoh, which is now pushing its current focus on DSLRs.

While Pentax is famous for its impressively durable DSLRs, it remains to be seen whether the company’s DSLR-focused approach will survive the mirrorless onslaught.

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10. Kodak

Best Camera Brands

The name Kodak is synonymous with photography and especially film-photography and developing solutions. The company was founded way, way back in 1888 in New York, USA.

It may be surprising to learn that Kodak was the number one player for most of the last century thanks to their innovative film products. The invention of digital camera technology saw the demise of Kodak whose business model lost its sustainability in the new world.

Today, Kodak continues to make both camera and cinematic film stock for all levels of the industry. In more recent years, Kodak has evolved and now develop a range of unique instant print cameras – but their former glory has certainly been lost.

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Now that you’ve finished this article, you should be familiar with the top ten camera brands out there today–and you should have a sense of the perfect camera brand for your needs.

Remember that Nikon, Canon, and Sony are the ‘big three’ among the digital camera companies, while Fujifilm, Olympus, and Panasonic are more specialized brands. Pentax, Leica, Hasselblad, are struggling to remain relevant unless you’re in the market for a medium-format camera (Hasselblad), and Kodak is now completely obsolete.

So pick a camera brand and get shooting!

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