The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Under $100


Noise Cancelling Headphones under $100 will be giving us a rather difficult price-range to work with; however, today we found some decent models looking into if you’re one who doesn’t want to spend nearly half a grand on those popular ANC models everybody raves about. To their credit, true Active Noise Cancellation technology comes with a cost — there’s a reason it’s so effective, and it all starts with how much work goes into implementing this into headphones. Most have tiny microphones built-in to the ear cups that pick up sound from the outside and ‘cancel’ them out using inverse frequencies. This isn’t cheap. Regardless, let’s get into some details here since we were able to find quite a few picks as the best under $100 noise canceling headphones in the market today.

The best noise cancellation headphones under $100


The best noise-canceling headphones under $100

Starting as our first pick to be the best noise canceling headphones under $100, this model is designed to cut down ambient noise intrusion by 95 percent. This ensures that you will only hear the music or content you are focused on without any distracting noise. Their frequency response range is between 12 and 22,000 Hz, giving you distinctive bass, mid-range, and treble. They ensure you can listen to music for longer with its 80 hours of battery life (the ANC battery — they’re wired).

Its weight and size are ideal as it is designed for music mobility. The driver unit is a 1.18 inch dynamic dome type. This Sony MDRZX110NC noise cancelling headphone uses a neodymium magnet and a PET diaphragm. It has a generous Y-shaped cord length of 3.94 feet, thus you do not have to worry about the distance between you and the music source. Overall this price-range is definitely hard to find legit ANC technology in a pair of headphones, but Sony does a nice job with this and the user reviews back it up.


Another one of the best noise-cancellation headphones for under $100

The COWIN E7 pro is another good choice of noise cancelling headphones under $100. Although a little clunky (which some people actually like, since it aids in the immersion experience), they have a very high capacity for noise cancelling, making it effective for work, travel or any other situation you may want to use them. These headphones are engineered to silence a variety of noise sources such as city traffic noise, airplane cabin noise, and busy office noise, among others. This gives you the freedom to enjoy whatever you are listening to, be it movies, music or video. The noise cancellation feature incorporated in these headphones works in both wireless and wire mode.

These headphones produce deep and accurate bass response using 45 mm large aperture drivers. It comes with a soft ear cushion that provides much desired comfort for your ears. The skin texture is soft, so you can wear these headphones all day long. It comes with a high quality built-in microphone that uses NFC technology. The COWIN E7 headphones battery offers about 30 hours of play time with a full charge using Bluetooth mode.

Mpow 059

A solid budget-friendly pair of headphones with noise canceling

You will get a quite impressive sound output when using the Mpow 059. It uses passive noise cancellation as opposed to active noise cancellation, meaning it isn’t necessarily as advanced as others but the price will justify that and still get you some noise reduction. It produces immersive Hi-Fi sound generated using a 40 mm driver and CSR chip, and it’s improved immensely by the closed back design. These headphones come in a comfortable design for wearing even for long hours. The soft padded headband is easy to fit over your head without constraint, and they are also durable. The stainless steel slider gives you the perfect fit design for your head.

If you are looking for budget friendly noise cancelling headphones, then you can opt for the Mpow 059. They have great choices of style with around seven available colors. You can use them in wired or wireless mode depending on your preferences. In wireless mode, a fully charged battery will give you up to 20 hours of music or talk time. The headphone can also be used in a wired mode where you simply plug in to the device using the provided cable. It comes in a nice foldable design with a carry bag and is overall one of our favorite wireless picks as the best noise canceling headphones under 100 dollars.

Avantree ANC031

The best headphones under $100 with noise canceling technology

This is another innovative noise cancelling pair of headphones under $100 you can opt for. It is an active noise cancelling Bluetooth pair that comes in a sleek and comfortable design. With this headset, you will be able to enjoy clean and pure music without any interference from a noisy environment. It makes use of a 40 mm stereo driver together with an advanced Bluetooth CSR chipset. This gives the headphones a smooth and powerful audio output, offering you a very good listening experience. The headphone’s portable design is travel friendly, so you will be able to wear them or carry them around with much ease.

The Avantree ANC031 headphones can help you avoid boredom during long flights or train rides. They are good at reducing engine noise and other background noise, leaving you with only rich and pure music. The carry case is durable and convenient for easy packing of the headset when you are not wearing them and the headphones come with built in controls and a microphone on the ear cup. A user friendly interface has been incorporated, enabling you to easily perform various functions such as volume control, call answering, and mute microphone, among other features.

Levin Active Noise Cancelling

Another over-ear pair of under $100 noise canceling headphones

The Levin Active Noise Cancelling headset is highly engineered to give you the best sound free of any background noise. It makes use of active noise cancellation technology well, which is very effective in cancelling any type of noise from the surroundings. It eliminates ambient noises such as busy traffic noise, office noise or cabin noise. The noise cancellation rate is about 85 percent, which makes it quite feasible for something around this price-range.

These active noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones are engineered with a 40 mm Levin drive. It is thus able to produce excellent, clear treble and strong base for your ears. Definitely a brand not many may be aware of but the user reviews are extremely positive here. With the dual mode of wired and wireless, you have the freedom to choose the best option for your situation. A fully charged battery will give you over 25 hours of playback time and there is a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which should be charged with the provided USB charging cable. You will enjoy using a number of controls on the earmuffs to control various functions.

Paww WS3

The last pair of noise cancellation headphones under $100 dollars

The Paww WS3 is an upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 wireless active noise cancelling over ear pair of headphones for under $100. It is engineered to cancel any background low frequency noise coming from the surrounding environment. It is ideal for people who work in a noisy environment, people who fly a lot, and people who ride on trains who want that silent environment as they listen to their favorite music. It is engineered with custom-tuned twin 40 mm beryllium dynamic drivers, which enable it to produce a highly balanced sound output.

When it comes to using the Paww WS3 noise cancelling headphones, they are convenient and comfortable as they are very light, weighing only 7 oz. The protein ear pads are super soft with swiveling ear cups. The head band is adjustable and foldable for more convenience in transport. It comes with a built-in microphone, so you can connect to multiple devices at once while enjoying hands free calling. The quite nifty ‘ShareMe function’ will let you pair another set of headphones with your Bluetooth enabled headset at the same time. This one ends our list of the best noise canceling headphones under $100 with a strong finish.

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