The Best Headphones for Podcasts

The Best Headphones for Podcasts

What’s a podcast recording session without some decent quality headphones? Every so often, people tend to dive into this practice headfirst, not knowing that they end up spending tons of unnecessary cash on a bunch of gear they may not even need (or too little). While such a home studio setup can go a long way in ensuring you get top quality audio for your podcast, the flip side is that you ultimately find yourself facing a plethora of complexities given that you are merely starting out. Today we’ve been able to gather some of our favorite picks as the best podcast headphones in the market, and we’ll also explain hat you need and don’t need in regards to our specific use today — recording that perfect podcast session.

Whether you’re starting a podcast and need podcasting equipment in general, or have an existing gig going and need to upgrade your studio with some new gear, let’s get into some of our recommendations for headphones specifically for podcasting.

  • Since you’re in a recording setting, you want to make sure you purchase closed-back headphones. These are ideal for recording audio since it disallows the most noise from the ear cups to bleed into your tracks. We also recommend over-ear headphones as it is more comfortable than in-ear, and also give us the best noise isolation.
  • We wouldn’t spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on podcasting headphones, since complete detail and intricacies aren’t too important in not only recording podcast audio tracks, but mixing them later in post-production as well. Musicians on the other hand are really concerned with precision, so fancy studio headphones may be overkill for many in the podcasting game.
  • Wired headphones are important in both recording and mixing podcasts in our opinion. Especially when it comes to the recording setting, wireless just give us an insecure feeling since disruption may occur and get in the way of our session.

The best podcast headphones

Sennheiser HD 598

The best podcast headphones

Up first as our pick to be the best headphones for podcasts, the HD 598 are honestly just one of our favorite pairs of headphones for anything. All in all, its sound quality is what makes this pair one of the best podcast headphones however. As is the case with other premium Sennheiser earpieces, the HD 598 uses E.A.R. technology paired up with higher-end internal parts to keep it at a flat response without jumbled frequencies. This ensures that you get great audio quality to help you listen back to your podcast or while you record. Intermodulation distortion is also maintained at a low with this set of headphones due to its unique diaphragm geometry. As such, its harmonic distortion is always below 0.1% and its frequency response range is quite impressive to cover all of our bases.

This pair of headphones takes on a rather distinct and simplistic style, with padded ear pads and circumaural headband to give you comfort. The single-sided cable is easily replaceable and it’s plastic case is quite sturdy. What’s more, the ear pads match in color to the burl wood parts, all of which are beige in color, giving the HD 598 an extra stylish appeal. Titled studio headphones of course, the Sennheiser HD 598 are simply legendary at this point.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Another one of our favorite headphones for podcasting

These are arguably the best podcasting headphones in their M-series line, although they’ve recently come out with some higher-end models in this series. They are highly reviewed majorly due to their coveted sonic signature and the detachable cable which offers users convenience of use. Also, these headphones come fully equipped with sound isolating ear cups and 45mm aperture drivers.

Other features include extended frequency range, accurate and deep bass response, robust construction with circumaural design contours positioned round the ears for sound isolation, one-ear monitoring made possible by the 90 degrees swiveling capability, and sturdy headband material. Another standout attribute of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is portability given that it is collapsible in case you like to bring your podcast to other’s session environments, or perhaps want to mix it later down the road somewhere else.


A great pair of podcasting headphones if you love high-quality

We’re such big fans of AKG due to their reliable and overall high-quality headphones they provide for a variety of uses. The K271 MkII are a great pair of headphones for podcasts and are professional over-ear headphones specifically designed for use with live performance applications as well as studio monitoring. However, their soiled quality audio performance also makes them one of the best headphones for podcasting with their closed-back design and very accurate audio reproduction.

Some of its standout features include an audio frequency bandwidth of 16-28000 Hz, power input of up to 200 mW, a rated impedance of 55 Ohms, and a sensitivity of 104 dB SPL / V. weighing in at 240 g, these headphones are also quite easy to carry around. They also include a detachable cable, 10 ft. in length, and up to 3-pins contacts. What’s more, the golden interface finish gives the AKG K271 MkII an elegant look.

Shure SRH440

Shure's solid pair of closed-back headphones for podcasts

The SRH440 professional studio headphones are designed to provide users with high quality sound production and comfort. What’s more, they are one of the best podcasting headphones especially for beginners given that they produce accurate audio waves across and extensive range for a super budget-friendly cost. Other top attributes include power handling, sensitivity, and impedance, all of which are calibrated for professional audio use.

On buying these headphones, you also get a carrying bag for enhanced portability and a 6.3 mm adapter that is threaded and gold plated, adding on to the headphones aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, one of the most unique features of the Shure SRH440 is the bayonet clip which firmly holds the detachable cable in place, allowing it to remain in the ear cup even during vigorous movements.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Beyerdynamic is another heavy hitter in the headphones game. Among their most reviewed products is the DT 770 Pro, a power set of headphones that easily suffices as one of the best headphones for podcasting due to it’s overall high quality in just about every aspect a pair of headphones can have. It offers comfort due to its adjustable, rugged, soft-padded headband, in addition to the replaceable and circumaural ear pads. Additionally, the ear pads are extra soft for increased comfort.

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro also comes fully equipped with a single-sided cable that makes it possible for users to easily move about or remove it whenever necessary. No longer do you have to worry about you cable getting entangled while you have your headphones on. Also, these headphones provide users with high quality response to impulse. It has been designed to allow for critical sound monitoring and good quality isolation. This allows for noise cancellation and ultra-low bass sounds. Our review of the DT 770 Pro can give you some more information as well.

Sony MDR-7506

A budget-friendly pair to keep in mind with this list

Sony is one of the most reputable producers of headphones and other technical gadgets. However, the Sony MDR-7506 stands out on account of its professional sound, comfort and resolute sound isolation, which makes them one of the best podcast headphones in the market today. We’ve had a pair of these for 12 years and still use them! They are ideal for sound monitoring in recording studios, radio, film production, video, electronic news gathering – and virtually any application where high quality sound is required, in particular recording environments. The closed-ear design MDR-7506 is outrageously popular in pro and home recording studios.

It features a rugged design, convenient folding construction, 40mm driver units, gold connectors and a professional-quality OFC (oxygen free copper) cord. Sony 7500 Series headphones offer a practical range of choices for everyone from the casual user to the studio pro. These include the Sony MDR-7506 which is lauded by many professional studios and broadcasters.

Sennheiser HD 569

Another podcast headphones pick by Sennheiser

As the slogan goes, the HD 569 by Sennheiser is the” ideal companion for real life”. It is structured to allow for isolation of noise and an in-line remote to help you manage your incoming calls (in case you want to use these outside of podcasting — we’d still stick to a professional mic to record yours). The transducer system used for this headphone arguably makes it one of the best podcasting headphones given that it allows for a sturdy and flat response and acoustic isolation, to give you crisp, clear audio quality.

Alongside the headset, you will also get a 3 m straight plug and a 1.2 m cable with a 1-button remote for phone call convenience just in case. However, the main disadvantage is that the cable is rather short which makes it difficult for you to use the headphones with mobile devices, which is a necessity for podcast amateurs. Nonetheless, the Sennheiser HD 569 offers you good quality audio for an affordable price when podcasting.

Master & Dynamic MH40

Our last pick as the best headphones for podcasts

As the slogan goes, Master & Dynamic’s MH40 is truly “designed for decades of use”. Partly, this is due to its aluminum body which gives these headphones a highly sturdy structure. What’s more, the MH40 is built using top quality leather to ensure that you the ear and head pads do not wear out. Lambskin has been used for the ear pads alongside memory foam to ensure you get utmost comfort and breathability. Additionally, it is very easy to clean and replace both ear pads.

As if this is not enough, Master and Dynamic has used stainless steel in all the high strain areas. Combined, all these features ensure that you get to utilize these headphones for the longest time possible. From premium leather, lambskin, to steel components; it is easy to see why the Master and Dynamic MH40 is ranked as one of the best headphones for podcasting. With regards to functionality, these headphones come with woven oxygen-free copper cables that ensure you receive sound in its pure form.

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