The Best Earbuds Under $200 Budget

The Best Earbuds Under $200 Budget

When shopping around for earbuds under $200, it is important to buy a model with great bass response and super crisp sound. Today we’ll get into a decent price-range that’s more than enough for those looking to grab a solid pair of earbuds. In fact, we’d say this budget gets us into the higher-end pairs of the headphones spectrum, so we’ll be more than covered when it comes to “overall quality”. However, we’ll have to be careful we don’t get suckered into buying a pair just because they’re priced higher than most. Let’s get into the best earbuds under $200 today.

The best earbuds under $200

Sennheiser IE60

The best earbuds under $200 dollars

Up first, you can consider the Sennheiser IE60 as some of the best earbuds to buy under 200 dollars for quite a few reasons. For one, we’re big Senny fans, and although we maintain not ever picking and choosing based on brand, we’re confident in being able to trust these due to their reputation. They are engineered with higher-end neodymium magnets and dynamic drivers, giving them a strong and clear audio output. When using them, you will enjoy a strong, high-fidelity sound and true bass response with noise isolation. They are designed to be robust with durable housing and a tough cable. These earbuds also come with a protective casing, several ear adapter sets, a pair of ear hooks, a cable clip and a cleaning tool.

The Sennheiser IE60 have ambient noise attenuation of up to 20dB and they come with a wide range of compatibility capability. Most people who have bought it have praised its high-quality sound output. They like that the ear buds can be worn in any kind of activity, including running (although we know many who prefer wireless — if so, continue on). They’re definitely our favorite pick as the best earbuds under $200 if you can maintain wires.

Bose SoundSport Earbuds

Another one of the best earbuds under $200

Up next, If you are in need of more of a sport inspired earphones, then Bose SoundSport is the right choice for you as the best earbuds under 200 dollars. They are engineered to fit your fitness needs while staying secure in place even during rigorous and strenuous activities, or if you’re just the type to need more security than others. The sound output is full and balanced, something you cannot find with conventional ear buds. They are designed to be weather and sweat resistant so that you can use them comfortably even in vigorous exercises where you will sweat a lot. Bose is definitely up there in regards to higher-end headphones but you’ll be paying the price here by just hitting our under $200 limit.

It comes with an inline mic and remote that you can use to take calls, control volume, and skip tracks without the need to interact with your device. These ear buds make use of Triport advanced technology that provides clearly defined highs and natural sounding lows so you can enjoy music output with a deep and clear sound. There are a variety of colors available just to ensure you match your style. The Bose SoundSport also come with a sport-inspired carry case designed for their protection when not in use.

Bose SoundSport Free

The best earbuds under $200 if you need Bluetooth

Next up we’re in to our previous pick’s wireless brother. If there is one reason you can enjoy wearing Soundsport Free wireless headphones, then it is the fact that they are wireless. Do you need a second reason why you should consider them as some of the beat ear buds under 200 dollars? If you do, you should know that they are purely designed for sports. These in-ear headsets are going to give you a clear, powerful sound output. They have been engineered to produce full and balanced music sound at any volume, no matter the environment. These are again pretty high-end but you’re getting what you pay for.

Since no cables are used, the antenna position has been maximized to ensure you will have strong Bluetooth connectivity no matter where your gadget is placed. The internal circuits of these Bose SoundSport Free ear buds are highly tweaked and tuned to ensure you will enjoy the audio output as you work out. They have unmatched comfort and stability whenever you are wearing them. This is because the nozzles of the StayHear Sport tips are highly engineered to stay in contact evenly with your ear, ensuring the ear buds will not keep falling. You can also look into their newer, modern pair of wireless earbuds called the Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless that hits right at our $200 mark (typically).

Jabra Elite 65t

Some true wireless earbuds under 200 bucks

When it comes to the best earbuds under $200 and you want a more modern, truly wireless pair of headphones, you can opt for the Jabra Elite 65t, which is designed for the ultimate experience in wireless music and calls. These wireless earbuds are very efficient when you are communicating with people as you will hear and be heard clearly. They have an effective wind noise reduction capability as they are designed using a specific four microphones technology. The advanced 6mm speakers are good for blocking out or letting in ambient sound.

The Jabra Elite 65t earphones make use of their ‘earGels’ for a perfect and comfortable ear fit. We’re seeing a big trend in this type of earbuds ever since the Airpods came into the market. It comes with three sets of ear gels that are of varying sizes: large, medium, and small. You will be able to choose the right size for good sound output for whichever situation you will use them in. This earphone offers true and excellent wireless connectivity that will let you listen to music and take calls without the worry of losing your connection. The battery life lasts up to 5 hours off of a single charge and are definitely one of our favorite picks as the best earbuds under $200.

Klipsch R5

A beautiful pair of wireless earbuds under $200

The Klipsch R5 stands apart from the other neckband earbuds. When worn, they rest comfortably against your neck, and with a hand-engineered leather covering and careful edge finishing, they won’t irritate your skin. These headphones can also be tucked under the collar of your shirt. It is up to you to choose how to wear them for ultimate comfort. When it comes to circuitry design, these earbuds under $200 make use of new technology with a 5 mm micro-driver. They fit well and stay in your ear properly and safely, ensuring you are comfortable all the time you are using them.

The single lithium battery is quite good as it will give you over eight hours to enjoy music and take calls. Voice clarity is enhanced by an integrated ‘cVc microphone’, which also reduces environmental or surrounding noise. This ensures that whenever you are teleconferencing, it is loud and clear. You are notified of incoming calls through a neck vibration feature. All controls are strategically placed and raised such that you can operate them without looking.

Marshall Minor II

Marshall's high-end pair if you're into luxury

You can also consider the Marshall Minor II as one of the best earbuds under $200. Although not typically known for their headphones, we’re in love with a lot of their models if you haven’t read our other headphones guides. These wireless headsets are engineered to be light on your ears and heavy on sound output. They are designed using ‘Qualcomm aptX technology’, and they offer 12 hours of playtime out of a single battery charge (they also come with quick charge functionality). For ergonomics, it makes use of a custom designed ear-fit system with a loop for adjusting to a perfect fit.

These earbuds make use of Bluetooth 5.0, ensuring you do not lose connectivity on a call or when listening to music. The drivers for theses headphones are 14.2 mm custom tuned to enhance the listening experience. Even if you wear them all day, you will still feel comfortable. Enjoy cool and balanced music free of noise even when in a noisy environment. Remember you can answer or reject calls wirelessly, and a built in mic enables you to record voice memos with the Marshall Minor II as well.

Apple AirPods

A true pair of wireless earbuds here by Apple

We may catch some flack for this, but hear us out first. Are the Apple AirPods are worth it? Well, they’re definitely slightly overpriced. However, are still very, very effective and definitely aren’t ‘cheap’ at all (they also fall under $200). We use ours daily, whether it for work calls or music listening here and there. They are designed to connect automatically to your iPhone the moment you remove them from the charging case. They play audio right away when you put them on your ears and pause the audio the moment you take them out. To activate Siri, you double tap, and then you can use it to control volume, make a call, change a song, or even get directions.

Apple AirPods are driven by a custom-made Apple W1 chip. The AirPods make use of motion accelerometer and optical sensors to detect when they are placed in your ears. Whenever you are using a single AirPod, the W1 chip routes the audio and engages the microphone. It is carefully designed to filter out any background noise, giving you a rich, high-quality audio output. When they are charged, they will offer over 5 hours of listening time, which isn’t as much as some other pairs in here but can get the job done if you get in the habit of charging them every day or so. The charging case holds additional charges that will give you more than 24 hours listening time, however.

Audio-Technica ATH-E40

The last pair of the best earbuds for an under $200 budget

The Audio-Technica ATH-E40 is the last pick as the best earbuds under $200 dollars, and these make use of an enhanced dual phase push-pull driver, enabling this in-ear headphone to deliver improved fidelity audio. They provide powerful base with highly balanced high and mid frequencies. Using these ear buds, you will truly enjoy the true emotion of the music you will listen to. The housing of this pair of earbuds is custom engineered to provide incredible isolation. This is made possible by the use of four different sizes of silicon ear tips designed for a custom fit.

These ear phones also come with a detachable cable that’s 1.6 m in length. The memory cable loops are flexible over the ears for a comfortable fit even when worn for long durations. A carry case together with a 6.3 mm adapter and silicon ear tips are provided. Those who have used them have said that they are durable with good audio, good base and great sound. They can readily recommend them to a friend. We love the Audio-Technica ATH-E40 as our last pair of the best under $200 earbuds worth buying in the market today.

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