The Best Earbuds for an Under $20 Budget

The Best Earbuds for an Under $20 Budget

You want to talk about budget-friendly? Let’s talk about the best earbuds under $20. If you’re like us at times and get in the mood to grab a pair of earbuds that just simply do what we want — literally play audio — as opposed to incorporated a bunch of features that we aren’t really concerned with that start to jack up the price of headphones, you’re in luck. Today we wanted to focus on just that — earbuds that we can grab for $20 or less. But which pair is best? Well, unlike some other websites out there, we like to still give you a few options to let you decide as opposed to just telling you which exact pair to buy. The “best” for one person may be completely different for somebody else.

As we know, the ‘best earbuds’, or that term in general, is thrown around relatively loosely. For one, “the best” has a big checklist for each individual. There are many types of headphones (which we’ve narrowed down to earbuds and ‘in-ear’ headphones today), price-points (of course, $20 or less for us), and other ‘features’ that get tacked on to a brand’s product page and bullet points on eCommerce sites that justify the price-tag. This however is something pricier headphone seekers should be concerned with. In this under $20 range, you’re not getting much when it comes to those special terms, such as ‘noise cancelling’, ‘noise isolation’, ‘voice activated’, ‘big drivers’, etc. We do however want you to keep a things in mind here.

Do you want a control center? Some come with a few buttons on the cable to browse through songs or have volume control. A built-in microphone? We don’t usually use our headphones mic, but it can come in handy for you if you’re called during an activity. How about replacement ear tips? For earbuds in general, most headphone packages should have some replacement parts, even at this price-point. What about more than one pair? If you’re buying in bulk for more than one person (perhaps a company?), a lot of these cheaper headphones come in packages of 5, 10 or even 20. You’ll have to search around that. Waterproof headphones or sweat proof protection? Try to sift through each pairs main features (which we’ll list for you) to see what stands out in terms of your foreseeable use.

Unfortunately, a pair of wireless earbuds or even true noise-cancelling earbuds aren’t going to fall into this price-point. If you do want some of those, you’ll have to look into some higher priced guides we have, such as the ones we’ve linked, or perhaps save up some more cash in earbuds under $50 or even earbuds under $100. Regardless, let’s get into our picks of the earbuds under $20 today!

The Best Earbuds Under $20

1. Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK

The best earbuds under $20

So start off our list, we have a solid quality headphone at a budget friendly price, the RP-HJE120 series of earbuds. These are a lightweight option for those who are seeking a basic headphone set without the bells and whistles. Included with three different sizes of earpads to ensure a comfortable fit, these in-ear headphones are designed to stay put through all types of movement and deliver quality sound to its user.

Also, for those who tend to want to hide their headphone cord under clothes or specially designed pockets, the 3.6 ft cord gives you enough length to move around easily without pulling on your device. Well reviewed as being highly durable with the capability of delivering quality sound, these earbuds easily top the list as being one of the best options under $20. Plus, with around eight different color options to choose from, it’s simple to personalize the Panasonic RP-HJE120 to your particularly liking so you can keep them around for a long time to come.

2. Sennheiser MX 365

The best earbuds under $20

With multi-use capability across various devices and gaming systems, the MX 365 are designed with the “techie” in mind. While it doesn’t come with a built-in microphone or included sound controls, these multi-colored headphones provide a high-quality stereo sound enhanced with a powerful bass and a headphone jack that works with any audio source.

In addition, the ear bud itself comes with an angled design that is both comfortable and easy to ensure that it stays in place, ideal for those with an active lifestyle who are looking for a headphone that they can take on-the-go. Highly rated at a reasonable price, the Sennheiser MX 365 is definitely considered to be one of the best earbuds for twenty dollars or less.

3. Sony MDREX15AP

The third best earbuds for an under $20 budget

Examining a brand that is synonymous with the world of high-tech devices, these earbuds continue this tradition by being one of the best earbud choices that you can purchase under $20. The use of silicone in the design of the earbuds not only make them lightweight, but help them to stay put even under the most active of circumstances. The neodymium driver (which is a fancy word for referring to the speaker system within the earbud) is able to deliver a full sound that many users say is strong at blocking outside noise.

Additionally, the 3.9 foot cord provides plenty of space for the user that doesn’t want to be clinging to their device the entire time it is in use. With nine different color options to choose from, the Sony MDREX15AP is a high quality option for those looking for a purchase at a reasonable price.

4. MEE Audio RX18

The best earbuds under $20

If you’re someone who, like me, always has the issue of your headphones falling out the minute you start to move or do anything active, then the MEE Audio RX18 is a budget friendly headphone worth looking into. This lightweight headphone comes with three different sizes of earpads to ensure that a) the headphone stays in place (what they describe to be a “fatigue free fit”) and b) gives the user the comfort needed for long wear use.

However, this design goes beyond comfort, as the model of the earpiece is intended to block out external noise that you would normally pick up. Instead, with a 10mm speaker and a heightened bass, the user is able to focus in on a clear sound with little to no distractions. Compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack, these MEE Audio RX18 are another one of our favorite picks as the best earbuds under $20.

5. Betron YSM1000

The best earbuds under $20

Remember that phrase, “If you look good, you feel good?” Well, that is part of the reason why these YSM1000 headphones are high quality and great for the price coming in just under $20. With a gold metal body that differs from other options on this list, the Betron headphones come with not only a variety of size casing, but also the material with which it is made of. Take your pick between using silicon, memory foam, or noise isolation earbuds to best suit your needs, with each one designed to provide comfort, caliber of sound, and less opportunity for ambient noise to make its way through your listening experience.

All of this is assisted by the ‘Dynamic Driver speaker’ that was designed to specifically increase the bass and lower any distortion that you may normally hear within the sound. Yet, while all of these are great options when choosing a headphone, it is the built-in sound controls that help to make these headphones stand out among others on this list. With ease of control and a variety of earbud choices, these Betron YSM1000 are another one of the best options for earbuds under $20.

6. COSPOR In Ear

The best earbuds under $20

A hands free option with earbuds that provide both noise isolation and a secure (but comfortable) fit, these are a highly rated alternative for those looking to spend twenty bucks or less on their purchase. With these headphones, a built-in microphone allows for the user who is always moving to answer phone calls without having to remove their headphones. Additionally, adding to the ever important subject of comfort, these headphones come with three different sizes of tips for the ear buds, helping to provide both the perfect fit and high-definition sound through the isolation of external noise.

While the overall design is basic, the classic simplicity make these earbuds allow them to work for universally all devices, making the COSPOR In Ear are a solid quality headphone that is a great option for its price.

7. AOKII Wired

Another one of the best earbuds for under $20

If the hands free option has been one of the capabilities that has caught your eye on some of the previous items, then the AOKII Wired earphones are an alternative to take into consideration. These earbuds not only have a microphone for hands-free phone calls, but also have the ability to play, pause, and move from song to song without directly working from the device. This feature, in addition to the well-fitting silicone ear buds (which come in three different sizes), make these headphones a great choice for those who live an active lifestyle and are looking for stable headphones to bring with them wherever they go.

Furthermore, the 3.5mm audio jack make these earbuds compatible with nearly every device available (although good ol’ Apple has started to change this, you’ll just need an adapter), and with the standard 3.9 ft cord you can easily stash your headphones in your bag, pocket, or coat for easy transportation. A lower-end price that provides you clarity in sound, the AOKII Wired is one of the best earbuds under $20 and the reviews can back it up.

8. MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6

Some sport earbuds for $20 or less here

Adding to this list is another product from MEE Audio, only this time these earbuds under $20 are designed for the fitness junkie in mind. An over the ear sound system, the Sport-Fi M6 is designed to stay in place without the worry of your headphones falling out while active. This design also helps to enhance the clarity of the bass in your audio, and makes it easier to isolate the noise that is coming through your speakers.

A shirt clip and cable cinch let you remain on-the-go without having to worry about your wires getting tangled up or hitting you as you run (an issue I deal with far too often). The strongest feature of these headphones, however, is the sweat and water-resistant design that lets you focus more on what you are doing rather than whether everything is staying in place. Well reviewed for a great price, the Sport-Fi M6 is a great option for those with an active lifestyle.

9. Sentry HO343

The best earbuds under $20

Here’s literally the cheapest of the cheap. We’re talking under $5. While all of the updated options and special features make many headphones stand out to buyers, sometimes it’s easiest to revert back to the classic design for simplicity. That is what the Sentry HO343 headphones provide, with the quintessential lightweight ball design that fits comfortably within the ear and remains in place without the worry of it falling out.

The 10mm driver and digital stereo help to create a balanced sound, and the four-foot long cord makes it easy to stow away while you’re listening. Able to work with a variety of devices, and compact enough to fit in all imaginable spaces, the Sentry HO343 earbuds are a great option to include if you barely wanted to spend anything.

10. Sony MDRE9LP

The last very cheap pair of earbuds for less then $20 dollars

Concluding this list of the best earbuds for under $20 or less, we’re is looking at another option from Sony with the MDRE9LP. Similar to the first pair that was reviewed, these headphones also employ a neodymium magnet to deliver a solid sound with a heavy bass to help drown out any external noises that may interrupt your audio. Available in a variety of colors, these headphones are lightweight enough to “go with the flow”, but come with two times a normal earbud to ensure that they are secure within the ear.

The 3.94 ft cord provides length to ensure that you have some space from your device rather than clutching it to you at all times for security, and with the ability to work in universally all music players with a 3.5 mm jack the Sony MDRE9LP can work wherever you may need them.

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