Best ActionPie VJJB V1S Headphones Review

ActionPie VJJB V1S Headphones

Should You Buy ActionPie VJJB V1S Headphones?

If you’re looking for a durable budget earbuds, you can use every day, and if their sound is more important to you than their appearance, these are for you.

The Good

Although built-quality is a little weak, they will provide solid durability, when treated nicely. You can wear them in two ways: under-ear or over-the-ear. The housing is small and lightweight. Plus, you get an in-line remote and microphone compatible with iPhones and Android phones. It’s always helpful to control your music without hassle.

The Bad
The microphone is not as clear as expected, but still OK for making calls. Also, it’s hard to distinguish from the left and right earbud.

The Sound

They have good bass – not too heavy, but still, produce a decent amount of lows. No distortion in the mids and highs which is rare for their price.
Not for hard bass lovers, more of a balanced sound, so they sound great for all music genres.

The Verdict

What makes ActionPie VJJB V1S Headphones worth buying is excellent sound quality, acceptable durability, and comfort, all that for under $20.

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